About Mitra

Mitra Farmand

Mitra Farmand is a cartoonist from Brookline, Massachusetts.  In 2013 she graduated from The Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, VT, so don’t worry, she’s certified to draw cartoons.

She has a degree in history from the University of Colorado at Boulder because back in the 20th century, she didn’t know she wanted to be a cartoonist.  While we’re on the education part, she’ll mention that when she was 17, she spent a year at Dynamy, an internship program in Worcester, MA.  If you are/have a teenager at loose ends, check out Dynamy.  It’s an interesting program.

She doesn’t like referring to herself in the third person, so she’s switching to the first person.

I’ve had two cartoons published in The New Yorker.  I hope someday to have three.

People often ask me if I have a cat and if I’m a vegetarian.  No to both those things.  Apparently I look like a cat-owning vegetarian.

I don’t like the zoo or buttons.  If you see someone wearing a button down shirt at the zoo, that is not me.  I like  supply closets, dogs, and bicycles.

I sell little books of cartoons, drawings, and autobiographical awkwardness.  I sell other things, too, like tote bags with worried animals on them, cards, stickers, prints, dioramas, tattoos, and magnets.  Here’s my Etsy site.

My Twitter handle is @mitra_farmand.  On Instagram, I’m @mitra farmand2.  Someday I hope to be @mitrafarmand1.